WELCOME TO COPAC



A product of community leadership, clear vision and unwavering determination, COPAC is a testament to Central Ohio's passionate commitment to the arts. COPAC opened in 2018. The Central Ohio Performing Arts Center is a organizations dedicated to reaching out to audiences of all ages with the highest quality of artistic work, continuously inspiring audiences and artists to dream, discover, create and celebrate.



Present a rich array of culturally diverse performing arts programming for Columbus, Ohio in order to educate, enlighten, enrich and entertain citizens and patrons of all ages, while providing leadership and support to advance cultural/performing arts and nourish appreciation for various art forms such as literature, music, dance and theater.



. . . Educating, enlightening, enriching and entertaining diverse audiences through a rich array of performing arts programming.


Our Space

The physical aspects of The Central Ohio Performing Arts Center are, for the most part, already in place. The Center is made up of two levels approximately 5600 square foot equipped with full kitchen, two entertainment stages, a 120 square foot performance floor, a 700 square foot exhibition gallery, a 80 square foot outdoor performance area, with a total seating capacity of 250. Patrons and artists alike have hailed the Center’s acoustics as being among the best in the city. The floors between the separate performance areas prevent sound interference, thus allowing up to two productions to run simultaneously. There are plan to enhance the present physical space devoted to performing art by making notable space and facility improvements in the exhibit gallery and support spaces, as based upon an current design and configuration.